2/26/22 - 4/23/22

Dab Art Co. is pleased to present PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO NOTICE. The title and concept for our 8th annual photo exhibition in Los Angeles comes from a quote from Arthur Fleck in 2019's JOKER film. PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO NOTICE is an observation that Arthur makes about peoples reaction to transition from insignificant and average to the menacing joker realized at the end. His transition into the sinister version of himself is mimicked in the chaos of the public's unrest of their current economic and social plights. Eerily similar to our current climate of unrest due to the pandemic, in-spite of personal setbacks Arthur realizes his true self and takes form. The photographs selected for exhibition represent the unique perspectives of each photographer, documentarian and explorer and as an artist. Their personal experiences, aesthetics and artistic interpretations of the world around them have been assembled into one formidable exhibition and PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO NOTICE.

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 26 (1-3p) at our Main Street Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles.

334 S Main Street, No. 5001 Los Angeles, California 90013

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